How much is booth rental?

This varies by booth size, location and specific booth availability but we have starter booths as low as $90 per month and on up from there. For specific booth rental pricing and availability, it is best to visit the location you are most interested in and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff show you around or you can click on “Become A Vendor” and send your questions to any of our locations.

How do I get paid?

We pay our vendor partners on the 10th of each month for prior month’s sales.

When is Rent Due?

Rent is due on the first of each month. Rent will be deducted from your sales check before distributing your check on the 10th for prior month’s sales. There are late fees associated with not paying rent on or before your due date, so please pay timely.

Do you charge any other fees or commissions?

For all items sold from your rented booth, we do charge a small additional rent percentage of 5%- 6.5% (varies by location). We use this money towards paying competitive wages to our team members in order to recruit and retain the best possible sales staff to ensure our focus remains on selling your items and providing the best possible customer service to encourage frequent visits by our customers. If your items were sold to a customer who pays by credit card, we also deduct 4.5% from those amounts to cover the credit card processing fees. Some locations offer a separate consignment area for larger items that may not fit into your rental booth space.

Should you elect to place large items (ie: furniture / appliances) in the consignment section, we do charge a 20% commission for those items when they sell. You are not charged for the space in the consignment section until your item sells. You should take these fees into account when pricing your items so they do not impact your profitability.

Is there a lot of shoplifting or breakage? Who assumes responsibility?

We take great care to monitor customers to limit shoplifting and breakage. We have video surveillance, regular walk through’s, and a trained staff that knows what to watch for. Shoplifting is a reality that all retail stores must deal with. We will have any shoplifters arrested and will cooperate fully with their prosecution. As well, should we observe a customer (or their children) breaking an item, our policy does require them to pay for it. As a vendor in our markets, you assume all risk for theft, breakage or missing merchandise. Please keep in mind that when an item is not in your booth or on your sales report, it often is found sitting in your neighbor’s booth. Often a customer changes their mind on the purchase and just sits your item down somewhere else. If you find someone else’s merchandise in your booth, simply bring it to the front counter and our staff will gladly return the item to the correct owner’s booth.

How much of a contract must I sign?

Booth rental terms vary from one location to the next.  They range from an initial period of 30 days to an initial period of 6 months.  All contracts go month to month after the initial period is completed and can be exited with one full calendar month’s written notice.  For example, if your initial term has been completed, and you give notice on the 15th of the month, your obligation would be completed by the end of the following month.  (one full calendar month notice required)

Do I need my own tables and shelving?

Many booths may come with prebuilt walls with pegboard.   If your booth does not, many vendors choose to build some more permanent walls with pegboard, others use tables and shelves. Either way, you will likely need tables and/or shelving.  No shelving or booths may be taller than 6 feet.

Are there any items we are not allowed to sell?

Yes. No flammable items such as lighters, matches. No adult materials. No food-snacks.  Some locations have specific item exclusivity arrangements so please ask MANAGEMENT before purchasing product. Many items such as knives, may be sold in a locked showcase, limiting access to adults. You are not allowed to bring into the flea market or sell any unlawful items, such as self-propelled knives, etc. Flea Market Management has final say.

Can I share a booth with a friend?

Yes, but keep in mind we only write one check per booth. You will need to be able to separate the money on your own.

Who pays the taxes?

We collect and pay all of the sales tax due to the state of Indiana. You are responsible for any other taxes due as a result of your business.


VARIETY – It is best to stock your booth with a wide variety of merchandise. Our shoppers love the fact that they are able to find just about anything at bargain prices.

APPEARANCE – Make sure your items are displayed in as attractive manner as possible. Periodically, you should re-arrange your displays to keep it looking fresh and new. This will encourage more customers to stop and take a good look at your items.

STRAIGHTEN UP – The more often you can stop in to organize and straighten up your booth, the better. If your booth looks “cluttered”, customers may just walk on by.

RESTOCK OFTEN – As your items sell, you should restock them as quickly and frequently as possible. One of our market’s greatest appeals is the fact that the inventory is constantly changing. This encourages customers to return often to look for the newest bargains!